Dichos de un bicho

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Central American Unicorn - El Salvador-Honduras-Nicaragua

Image of Central American Unicorn - El Salvador-Honduras-Nicaragua

Fundraiser to publish the work CentroMariconadas: A Queer and Trans Anthology of Essays and Creative Writing coming in 2020.

After receiving more submissions than originally imagined from across the U.S. and Central America, we are hard at work editing this collection. The title of this volume is inspired by the work of the late queer Salvadoran oral historian and author Dr. Horacio N. Roque Ramírez. CentroMariconadas seeks to honor and continue Horacio's tireless pursuit of affirming community scholarship and queer Central American storytelling.

Horacio coined the term “CentroMaricón” as a conversation starter and as a way to find each other, no matter what we’ve been called by others or would come to call ourselves. Using the irreverent wordplay Central Americans are known for, he saw a need to give a name to the world-making we have long been engaged in as a matter of survival and creation. We continue this work by calling this collection forth to document our Central American Queer joy, resistance, poetics, and the intellectual and artistic movements we are a part of in the face of silence, violence, and heartbreak.